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On my first trip to sunny Arizona, I returned to the East Valley of Phoenix suburbs, which had a lot to offer both visitors and residents. Of these, Tempe, best known as home to Arizona State University, is home to two of the state's most prestigious universities, Arizona College of Law and Arizona University of Science and Technology. Tempe's proximity to Phoenix and Scottsdale makes it an ideal overnight base from which to enjoy all the attractions of the entire Valley of the Sun.

Speaking of recreation, there is a lot to do there, whether you live in Tempe, go to school there or just visit. For those who are just visiting, a number of outdoor recreational activities are available, such as hiking, cycling, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, rafting and much more.

If you are a Phoenix resident and are planning a visit to the Valley of the Sun soon, the places for family fun in Tempe and Chandler are worth a visit. Tempex, Arizona, offers not only entertainment from the wilder side, but also an endless selection of nightlife with a variety of bars, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Visit the Tempe History Museum to learn about the evolution of Tempe history and then see the family - friendly, fun things to do with children in Tempe, AZ. The museum is part of Arizona State University, where there are a number of exhibitions and interactive pieces to explore. Visit the ASU Art Museum to see some of the most interesting artworks from the past and present. Visit Life in Temp, where you can learn more about Temp, Arizona, including its restaurants and nightlife. Visit the Temple History Museum to get a deep insight into the past, present and future of the city and its history.

Notable locations include the Tempe Convention Center, the Arizona State University campus and the University of Arizona. Some of the most notable places, including the Temple History Museum, the City Hall, the Museum of Hearing and much more. Notable location includes Tempe Community Center and Temple City Hall as well as the ASU Museum of Art.

When you visit Tempe, you will probably plan your visit and plan to plan a visit, plan a visit and make a visit.

If you're looking for activities for your friends and family in Tempe, Arizona, visit the Sea Life Aquarium. There are some fantastic hotels that can accommodate a stay in Tempe for the kids, so look for them and check them out. If you need more information about things to plan and do with your children in Tempe AZ, visit Tempes Tourism website. You can visit the Arizona State Fair, Phoenix Convention Center and Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau, all great times to visit Temecula.

AC Hotel Marriott is the first hotel of your choice in Tempe that combines the best of both worlds: great food, great accommodations and great amenities. Located in the heart of the city, the hotel makes it easy to explore all that Tempes has to offer.

Phoenix also serves as a gateway to the Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu, home to London Bridge, the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park and the Arizona State Capitol. It is also home to Hole in the Rock Andbe, where one of the most famous rock formations in the world is located. Don't be inspired by these deserts - inspiring highlights on your next trip to beautiful Tempe, Arizona.

Attend a local festival like the Tempe Art Festival or the Arizona State Fair, or rent a boat and go for a different, local understanding of the city.

No matter what your age or interests are, in Tempe, AZ, you'll find something fun. Here are 10 incredibly fun things to do in and around Tempes that you can steal to create the perfect temple route for yourself.

If you're looking forward to a road trip to Phoenix, especially during the hot summer months, here's a list of the best hotels and restaurants in Tempe, AZ. If you've ever dreamed of a destination in the Southwest, here are a few kid-friendly things that mom can do to tour and test what to do in and around Tempes.

Tempe is east of Phoenix and home to Arizona State University and a vibrant, thriving college town. The primary claim to fame is the University of Arizona, the largest public university in the United States and one of the most prestigious universities in Arizona.

The location is perfect as there is a large campus and there are a number of parks, hiking trails, parks and recreational areas in the Tempe area. This 1,500-acre reserve has a long history as home to the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. The largest campus is the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest public university in Arizona.

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