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Tempe, Arizona is home to Arizona State University - a place to do amazing things in the Phoenix metro station. This Arizona town is located east of Phoenix and boasts a thriving college scene, great restaurants and plenty of fun activities. We # Ve has teamed up with the Tempe Tourism Office to share some of the things to do at the city's popular tourist attractions, such as the Arizona Museum of Natural History and the University of Arizona. With a population of over 1.5 million people and a diverse mix of shops, restaurants and entertainment, Tempe offers plenty of family - friendly things you and your family can do.

If you live in Tempe, go to school or just visit, you will find some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Speaking of leisure time, there is a lot to do there, whether you live in TemPE or go to school.

There are many reasons for people to visit Tempe, and that's why it's a great place. There are a lot of things you can find in downtown TemPE, such as restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums and much more.

If you want to take a trip, the Tempe - Phoenix light rail takes about one hour depending on your destination. Scottsdale is also only 20 minutes away, so you have time to hike, to name a few. You can also go on excursions such as a walk through the old town of Scotteddale or go cycling or hiking in the mountains.

If you plan to visit Tempe, you can also rent a boat for a day trip to Scottsdale or attend a local festival such as the Arizona State Fair or the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Tempe Travel covers all your needs and can provide you with the best information to make sure your visit to Tempe, Arizona is the absolute best. If you visit the area and are interested in the history and culture of the indigenous people, add these two attractions to your "Tpe Must - See List." Visit the ASU Art Museum to learn more about the history of Tempe, or visit the TemPE History Museum to take a look at the history of local art, architecture and history in general.

If the Tempe Festival of Arts is not a sign of how much the city values its art and culture, I don't know what it is. When you think about seeing and doing everything it has to offer, you end up feeling like a secret that you have just uncovered. From kayaking to walking down Mill Avenue, from art to music, to the history of Arizona's indigenous peoples and everything in between, Tempex, Arizona has a spirit and a tangible energy.

Moving to Phoenix was a conscious decision, and you will find it hard to find a ton of native Phoenicians who grew up in the area. Phoenix is diverse, offering cuisine inspired by cultures found in the southwest and south of the border. At the heart of Phoenix are cultural attractions that incorporate Spanish, Indian and Mexican influences into cuisine, architecture and retail. It is full of restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums, hotels, restaurants and more.

There are beautiful views of Camelback Mountain and Arcadia also hosts some of the best hiking, biking and hiking trails in Arizona. Tempe is Arizona's second largest city with more than 1.5 million residents and one of the state's most educated communities. Scottsdale, which the New York Times called the "Beverly Hills Desert," is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, showcasing its rich history, fine atmosphere and benefits of the West.

Tempe has a relatively dense urbanized development pattern, home to more than 1.5 million residents and one of the state's most educated communities with a growing skyline of high-rise apartment buildings. Tempe is the second largest city in Arizona and the third largest in the country after Scottsdale and Phoenix. Tempe also has some relatively dense urbanization patterns, such as the large number of hotels and restaurants and an adult skyline.

There are dozens of different neighborhoods within the city, and the other part is served by the Arizona State University campus, Tempe Mesa Regional Medical Center and other public facilities. Tempe is home to the University of Arizona and Arizona Valley Community College, but dozens of other colleges and universities, as well as a large number of high-rise apartment buildings, are located elsewhere. North Tempes is a densely populated college area, while South Tempes has a more open feel and is very family-friendly.

Valley Metro operates the Valley Metro Rail System, which serves downtown Tempe and Arizona State University while serving Phoenix and Mesa. Valley Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro): ValleyMetro operates its rail system, which serves downtown, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona campus, as well as the Arizona Valley Community College campus and other public facilities. Metro Transit is the largest public transportation system in the United States, providing connections to and from Phoenix, Mesa and beyond.

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More About Tempe