Tempe Arizona Restaurants

If you're hungry in Tempe, consider what to eat the next time you visit, whether it's in an informal cafe or a 5-star restaurant.

Below is a list of the best restaurants in Tempe, Arizona, as well as some tips and tricks for next time.

This restaurant combines exotic, spotlessly clean decor and design with delicious food - with Thai classics such as kung pao, kimchi and bibimbap, as well as a host of other delicious dishes.

The menu focuses on Asian, French and Mediterranean flavours and ingredients and combines them with dishes such as peach chicken with butter, grilled Scottish salmon, roast duck breast with tamarind and Ahi-Sear with Babybok Choy. Panang curry is served as a side dish, and favorites on the menu include flat noodles with a variety of vegetables, as well as chicken, pork, beef, lamb and pork ribs. Meals include grilled burgers and wings, as well as a wide selection of starters, salads, sandwiches and side dishes.

Stanger's kitchen steals your attention, from the acorn flour used in cake crusts to flatbread wraps that wrap your meal in less than a minute.

There is no better way to experience some of America's best craft breweries than in Tempe. Devil's Lawyers is the place to see an ASU game in Tempe, and it's one of my favorite places in the state.

It is a unique place, with a spacious outdoor area where you can eat, relax, borrow books and read. Located in the heart of Tempe, just blocks from the University of Arizona campus, it is one of the most popular places for beer and wine lovers in Arizona.

You can eat the guacamole tacos you've been craving at Ghost Ranch or the rainbow trout at Nocawich. S. S., London. The menu includes house salmon, and you can even go out on the terrace for a stylish lunch that keeps you not far from the ASU campus. For lunch, they offer everything from fried chicken to burgers, chicken wings, burgers and more. Make sure you order right in front of the mesquite charcoal grill and make sure you order the hot dog, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and hot sauce right in front of you.

If you happen to pass by Lake Powell and are hungry, La Bocca Urban Pizzeria & Wine offers a wide selection of pizzas, sandwiches, salads, burgers and more. If you're in northwest Arizona and want to eat with water, head to the Rainbow Room, whose breathtaking views are shown above, or the restaurant, which is just a few hundred meters from the lake. Or if you'd rather enjoy the sparkling blue of the water than the deserted brown, try one of these restaurants nearby.

The minimalist dining room offers plenty of space for pizza - loving customers can enjoy a cake or grab something to take away from the kitchen window. There is not much, and the outdoor seating is covered, but there is enough shade to enjoy a pleasant, healthy and delicious lunch.

They also have a game - they meet for a day and they are a great place for a post-game party or a night out with friends. Since we founded Phoenix New Times, we have defined ourselves as a free and independent voice for Phoenix. We want to keep it that way, so sign up for our daily Phoenix email and be the first to get all the food, drink and fun in town.

La Bocca Urban Pizzeria & Wine delivers handmade pizzas with a power lunch that is not stingy with fresh ingredients and flavor. This trendy downtown Tempe offers fresh, locally sourced ingredients, great service and a great atmosphere. We talked to the owner of this Sichuan-style restaurant, which has eaten valley-style, about the food, wine and atmosphere at this popular restaurant in the valley.

This restaurant has become a coffee destination of sorts in Tempe, serving Presta Coffee in Tucson and offering a variety of coffees such as molasses - spiced lattes and hot coffee. Although there is no menu, crepes with coffee - brewed dough and candied bacon - are on the menu.

If you are in a group and want large portions and a wide variety at a reasonable price, Sunny's is the place to be. Pasta lovers will enjoy the varied menu with a variety of cheeses, pastries, sandwiches, salads and other appetizers. Many of the goods are baked with staples like barbacoa and shawarma from the neighborhood, but if you're not right on the coast, you'll appreciate the freshness of their chicken wings and their fresh salads.

Tempe's lifestyle is not for everyone, but you can hang out with your liver and enjoy the tempe lifestyle with a variety of delicious options.

Tempe's Best Restaurants recommends Hummus Xpress, which comes with a hearty, fresh and delicious meal without the risk of bankruptcy. Popular items on the menu include a variety of salads, soups, sandwiches, starters, salads and more. Here you can find excellent dishes such as the $10 Mapo Tofu, which is brimming with soul and spices. Popular with vegetarians, this Thai restaurant offers many pad Thai options and adds flavour with side dishes such as fried tofu.

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