You Can Now Order a Large Side of Guacamole at Chipotle

Published 09-14-2018

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National Guacamole Day isn't until September 16, but the celebration at Chipotle begins now - and shows no signs of ending. The Tex-Mex chain is now offering hefty 8-ounce sides of creamy and delicious guacamole in addition to their usual 4-ounce option.

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"Guac has long been one of Chipotle's most beloved items," Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer at Chipotle, said in a press release. "In fact, customers order nearly 50 million pounds of guacamole from our restaurants per year, and we use more than 450,000 avocados in our restaurants every single day. Many of our customers can't get enough of our guac, and we're thrilled to give people even more options to get their guac fix."

According to the Chipotle website, the large order of chips and guac serves three people. The price varies by location, but many restaurants are offering the new item for $5.75.

Chipotle will also be rolling out an expanded Giphy sticker set on Instagram on Saturday, as well as Snapchat filters and guacamole-themed stickers so you can celebrate double the guacamole all weekend long. Chipotle really knows how to celebrate avocados! In July, the brand gave away free guac on National Avocado Day.

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