What Are Pullet Eggs?

Published 11-27-2018

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Shopping for food locally at farmers markets and small businesses has many benefits. It's better for the environment and great for your community, and it can expose you to items you wouldn't find at larger, national chains. Pullet eggs are just one of the many unusual ingredients that won't be found in larger supermarkets - but what exactly are pullet eggs in the first place?

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Through the name may conjure up thoughts of strange alien-esque sea-creatures covered in scales, pullets are actually not the slightest bit bizarre. A pullet is just a young chicken - a hen that is less than a year old and has only been laying eggs for a few months. The eggs a pullet lays in the initial months of laying are considerably smaller than those you would find on supermarket shelves - not as small as quail eggs, but about half or three-quarters of the size of a regular, large chickens egg. It can be hard to find pullet eggs because their small size often means they do not meet the standards and rules that must be met by most supermarkets.

Many farmers simply throw away pullet eggs - which is a shame, as they are apparently quite delicious (not to mention the fact that food waste in general is a massive problem). If you do happen to come across pullet eggs, give them a try and cook them in the same way you would a regular-sized hen's egg. There are so many great egg recipes, so get cracking and try some of these 50 ways to cook an egg!

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