Snow hits Illinois before forecast record-low subzero temps

Published 01-28-2019

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CHICAGO (AP) - Illinois is bracing itself for record-low subzero temperatures and wind chills that the National Weather Service calls "possibly life threatening."

The frigid weather is expected Tuesday through Thursday and comes after a winter storm brought more than 5 inches of snow to northern Illinois on Monday. Chicago's airports canceled more than 1,100 flights Monday with delays of about an hour at O'Hare airport.

The weather service issued a wind chill warning for northeastern Illinois, including Chicago, starting Tuesday evening. Forecasters say the Rockford area could get colder than the record low minus 27 on Wednesday. Chicago looks a few degrees above the all-time record of minus 27 but the forecast high of minus 14 on Wednesday could beat the record coldest high of minus 11.

Wind chills could dip to 55 below.

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